Cat Levine

School Presenter



 Cat was born on a farm in Putaruru before moving to Auckland with her father Phil Aish and late mother Janice.  Despite many years in Auckland, she is a country girl at heart.   She has 3 teenagers, 2 dogs, a cat and a very supportive husband Steve who is responsible for keeping Postman Pat on the road, building her props and keeping the home fires burning while she travels.  

Cat has been speaking for over 20 years to very diverse audiences, as well as working with children and young people. 

She speaks to thousands of school kids every year, giving them the tools and strategies to manage their emotions, develop empathy and build resilience. 


Cat has a key role in the logistics and planning prior to the trek including school and event bookings.

During the Trek, she will be driving her Postman Pat campervan to present her Mental Health message - "Feelings aren't Forever" and making sure all the drivers behave themselves.

To find out more about Cat s school presentations, click here 

Trek Founder

Phil Aish


Phil is a dairy farmer, originally from New Plymouth: he has owned farms in Putaruru and currently Ohinewai - Huntley.

He resides in Auckland and is the proud grandfather of 17 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.


At the passing of Phil's beloved wife Janice after 49 years of marriage, Phil was determined to do something big to thank hospice for what they did in her final weeks of life.  The Great New Zealand Tractor trek was born and ran successfully in 2016 and 2018 as a fundraiser for hospice.

Always a farmer at heart, Phil became increasingly concerned about the horrific suicide stats for farmers struggling with mental health due to stress and isolation. This resulted in a partnership with Gumboot Friday and The Big Feelings School Tour to promote positive mental health in rural communities.


Phil is a key member of the planning team with Don Smith and his daughter Cat.

On the trek he will be driving his prize Mercedes tractor bringing up the rear of the tractor convoy.

At smoko break, you might find him under a tree having a powernap.

Tractor Trek  Team



It takes a team to get this show on the road, and a group of volunteers are dedicating many a Sunday afternoon pouring over maps and getting every detail sorted.

Don Smith 

Phil Aish

Cat Levine


John and Myrlene are our dedicated cooks, always ready with cups of tea at each break, and a hot dinner every night.  They have built a custom made trailer as our portable kitchen to fire up along the way

Sam Vea is Trek lead vehicle, navigating us along the right routes in the Humvee.


Without a fleet of tractors, the trek would be a bit of a non event, so we are grateful for the team of drivers who accompany us each trek. They all pay their own accommodation, food, and fuel, plus their own tractor.  No free rides here!